Scamp Sailing

for fun, good company and the sheer pleasure of sailing

Vessel name: Scamp
Sail Number: B45
State Registration Number: AM245Q
Radio Call Sign: VJN4735
Displacement - tanks full: 12,200 kg
ORCi Displacement: 11,371 kg
EPIRP Hex ID: 3EF476953F81FE0
MMSI Number: 503009440
Overall Length: 13.68 m
Waterline Length: 11.9 m
Beam: 4.20 m
Draught: 2.4 m
Air Draught: 21.8 m (plus aerial)
Hull Colour: White
Deck Colour: White/Timber
Keel Configuration: Fixed Fin torpedo bulb
Main Sail Size: 57.3 m2
Headsail Size: 49.9 m2
Spinnaker Size: 135 m2
Depth of WD Transponder: 650 mm